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Le Gaboteur is the only source of French language news published in Newfoundland and Labrador, including coverage of the province’s francophone community organizations. Paper and digital editions of the newspaper are published 20 times a year during the school year from September to June. Its pages offer teaching material impossible to find anywhere else.

The diversity of subjects and perspectives found in Le Gaboteur make it a tool well adapted to all grade levels. Annual subscriptions discount rates are offered for school groups. Get in touch with us to subscribe your school.

We welcome collaborations with teachers and students from all of the province’s schools!

Unique and diverse content

Here are a few examples of content you will only find in Le Gaboteur.

Content adapted to different grade levels

Short texts, photo essays, feature articles, games, special issues, suggestions of community activities in French, and more!

Invite a journalist from Le Gaboteur to visit your school

To invite a journalist from Le Gaboteur to visit your school, please write to